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ARS PowerPoint add-in Presentation Tool

Audience Response System

Standard polling – have the audience vote collectively and instantly see their results by the percentage, actually number of votes and the average number of votes for all questions.

Quizzes – each question can be set up to have a right answer. At any point in the presentation you can pull up a list of the participants by name or anonymously to see who answered the question correctly and who answered it wrong.

Games – any of the voting options can be set up to have a point value. You can check the points by individual users and by the teams you have set up. We also have functions to display who answered correctly in the fastest time.

Surveys – analyze each question and vote by demographics you set up. See the results cut down further by the age, gender, occupation, and experience level of your audience to name a few.

Product testing – use the different question type option we have to easily check the ratings your audience give for specific products and features that you question them on.




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